Our products are plant based and handmade with care for your body, your palate and the planet.

Sourcing only simple, clean, and responsible ingredients our micro batch chocolates are loved by vegans, people with ADHD and for those on no added sugar diet. Our chocolate fits the bill for people eating keto and wholefood diets, and mums who want to protect their children’s teeth. All our products are free of GMO, refined sugar, fructose, oligofrustose, dairy, soy, gluten, peanuts, emulsifiers, palm oil and any other ingredients that might disrespect your well-being. So don’t restrict but replace and feel your best.

 Peruvian Bliss

100% raw Peruvian Bliss m*lk chocolate, healthiest of all chocolates and perfect for those who want to take advantage of chocolate health benefits without consuming refined sugar and enjoy the power of unique flavours of Criollo house-ground cacao beans.

100g, 20g

Spicy Gold

100% raw organic house-ground cacao beans combined with creamy coconuts, blend of warm spices, pinch of black pepper and other superfoods, ensuring a superfood triumph. An intense explosion of flavours and overload of nutrients.

100g, 20g

Supercharge Berry

White bar made with pure cocoa butter, creamiest coconuts and selection of choicest berries and seeds. Here’s to one relationship that’s not complicated.

100g, 20g

Shelled Hemp & Brazil Nuts

100% natural white bar combined with shelled hemp & Brazil nuts and sprinkled with some more nutty hemp and crushed brazil nuts. 

100g, 20g

Creamy Lemon

Seriously…A DAIRY-FREE White Bar! YAY! A vegan, organic white chocolate alternative, made with pure cocoa butter and as with all our bars, using coconut m*lk instead of dairy milk. We include a tangy lemon twist, using  pure Italian lemons…. Keep it simple..Just say yes.

100g, 20g

Blueberry Twist

Luscious coconuts and sweet blueberries combined into a wonderful treat that you can actually feel good about enjoying.

100g, 20g

Absolute Dark

Take just one bite of 72 hours house ground Criollo the king of cacao beans and taste the deliciously unique, divine flavours and you will be mesmerised.

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Sweet Tooth Bundle

We know all our chocolate bars are very tempting so we make it easy for you and give you an option to choose four 100g chocolate bars of your choice.

Easy Bites Bundle

Spoil you loved ones with delicious gift, perfectly packaged and delivered. Easy Bites Bundle is a range of small chocolates ideal for self indulgence or unique gift.

Chock Lollipops

Treat your little one to the healthy, allergens free, vegan 69% Peruvian  chocolate lollipops.

Roasted Hazelnuts

Rich, nutty and delicious.

We keep our cacao unroasted to preserve the heat-sensitive polyphenols (healthy plant compounds), ensuring our chocolate stays nutrient-rich and full of flavour, as nature intended.

100g, 20g

Shelled Hemp & Brazil Nuts

100% raw organic house-ground cacao beans combined with shelled hemp and Brazil nuts. The result is a deliciously distinctive, nutty taste experience.

100g, 20g

Hazelnuts Delight

Silky smooth coconuts partnered with succulent roasted hazelnuts for the ultimate crunch factor….

100g, 20g

Raspberry Ripple

Experience an explosion of distinctive raspberry flavour. Made from our pure cocoa butter, creamiest coconuts and with a flavoursome air dried raspberries…

100g, 20g

Sherry Moon

Moreish m*lk chocolate combined with Spain’s finest tradition.

100g, 20g

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Sweet Tooth Mini Bundle

Choose any four 20g mini bars to taste or to fall in love with our chocolates.

Having trouble deciding what to get for a friend for family member? No worries, we have a solution for that…A gift card.

Criollo Hot Chocolate Jar

NEW Vegan Luxury Hot 89% Chocolate flakes of finest, ethically sourced organic cacao beans bringing you all of its rich flavours.

M*lk Lollipops

Treat your little one to the healthy, allergens free, vegan 49% pure cocoa butter and organic vanilla lollipops.

Strawberry Burst

Rich and sweet white bar made with pure cocoa butter with added real air dried sweet organic strawberries and sprinkled with more organic strawberries and açai berries.

100g, 20g

Vanilla Crush

100% pure cocoa butter and 100% pure vanilla. To satisfy those who love the sweetness of white bar… and delight even the most skeptical!…

100g, 20g

Just Dark

Peruvian King of Cacao – organic raw Criollo house-ground cacao, rich, dark and absolutely beautiful – our organic 89% dark chocolate bar is nothing but divine! Take just one bite and you’ll be mesmerised by the intense cocoa flavour.

100g, 20g

Caramel Dream

Wonderfully moreish caramel and coconut  m*lk chocolate combo is mouthwateringly good…. 

100g, 20g


Cappuccino Break

Silkiest, smoothest and most delicious m*lk chocolate with the deep and reach flavour of the cappuccino.

100g, 20g

Rum Reggae

Get transported to the sun-washed shores of the West Indies, white sands, palm trees and blue seas…

100g, 20g

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Mini Taster Bundle

Mini Taster Bundle 20g bars, our new mini bars perfect for snacking and enjoying the exciting and complex cacao fruit with varied and incredible taste notes.

Criollo Hot Chocolate Refill

Vegan Luxury Hot 89 % Chocolate flakes refill packaging.


Pure Cocoa Butter Jar

Pure and luxuriant cocoa butter with serious antioxidant benefits and a slightly chocolatey aroma.

Pure Cocoa Husk Tea

A mild stimulant which may energise you but won’t give you the jitters that coffee can. Immensely chocolatey yet light, our cocoa tea made from 100% organic cocoa shells contains naturally occurring Theobromine with serious antioxidant benefits and a slightly chocolatey aroma.


Raving Reviews

We love hearing your reviews. Please continue to send your reviews and feedback.

All our creations are freshly handmade with love in small batches, made with zero glycemic natural sweeteners Stevia and Erythritol, free of gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, palm oil, emulsifiers, and refined sugar. Your feedbacks helps us to create the best tasting chocolate so that the chocolate is not just a treat but a part of your daily healthy eating.

Thank you Superfood Cocoa for introducing me to healthier chocolate. I really enjoyed it, especially the Vanilla Crush and Peruvian Bliss chocolate! Definitely would recommend this as a healthy choice. Very Tasty!

Nathan B, London



Do you have a sweet tooth? 

 Sweet treats have become a nearly unavoidable part of every day life, but did you know that some form of sugar is in just about every processed food on the market? Even so called “healthy” foods can be laden with ingredients to sweeten it up.  Here is the list of all natural sweeteners that won’t compromise your health. Do you already have a favourite chocolate? Here is the list of ingredients normally used in chocolate making and their side effects. You will see why Superfood Cocoa chocolate can proudly stand as 100% natural, and the only healthy chocolate available on the market. 

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