Do you know what you eat? It’s a universal fact – chocolate should taste good! That’s why we can’t get enough of it, right? Which means, as well as all the other important ethical and better for you stuff, at Superfood Cocoa we only make good for you, delicious, rich and utterly indulgent chocolate. See for yourself. No sugars, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. A snack that you can feel proud to enjoy while staying on track with your health goals.

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I couldnt get enough! In one sitting I wolfed down all three chocolates bars.They are so moreish and sweet. The best part is that as I am enjoying eating it, I am reading the contents of the chocolate  and I can see the wealth of minerals I am consuming in each bite and it feels great. I cant believe how natural and healthy this chocolate is!!!

Charlotte D, London

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100% Raw chocolate respecting the origin of cacao

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