I am a mum to one happy boy who just like any child likes sweet treats. From a very young age I was very cautious about his sugar intake. However being around other children, it wasn’t always possible to control his access to refined sugar treats so I came up with the idea of creating a delicious chocolate that would be kind to his teeth. I am also a wife to husband who is diabetic but loves chocolate. So after much researching and experimenting I was able to create a chocolate that is what a chocolate should be- uncomplicated, healthy treat, the first low-glycemic – and the first superfood-infused chocolate bars to hit Whole Foods Market. 

I am accredited child nutritionist and have further background in nutrition. I am able to use the knowledge of clean, healthy eating that benefits our digestive system and use it in making the homemade Superfood Cocoa chocolate.

I am using 3 ingredients and a few simple steps for a creamy, rich, naturally sweetened, raw chocolate. The Superfood Cocoa chocolate is made from organic cacao nibs and its tempered. This homemade chocolate is best stored in the fridge, with a shelf life of 12 months.

I am slowly working on additional flavourings and these will be added to the website. With no startup capital or partners, no sales team or financial consultant – I am working with passion on creating what most of us enjoy, the delicious chocolate but without the nasty strings attached and present in all supermarket chocolates or in all ‘no sugar chocolates’.

I also choose to invest in sustainable packaging – PCW recycled, vegetable ink printed, and biodegradable or home compostable bags. We ship in the UK, year-long without styrofoam, and we reuse packing & shipping materials.




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Each Superfood Cocoa chocolate is designed to perform when wanting to indulge in a sublime chocolate and it performs in meeting the function of a healthy chocolate. No more experiencing flatulance, headaches, stomach pain, raise in blood sugar and insulin and no more eating no sugar chocolate that contains varying amounts of refined fructose. Superfood Cocoa respects the gut glora, doesn’t have a glycemic index, it is kind to children teeth and it is packed with nutritious superfood..

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100% Raw chocolate respecting the origin of cacao

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