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Do you adore surprises? So do the children. Tried and tested, our vegan M*lk Lollipops are the perfect treat for any chocolate-loving kiddie.

What better way to brighten someone’s day than with a lollipop? We’ve all got fond memories of them. Whether they were given to us by our teachers at school or friendly neighbours, they’d always make our day.

At Superfood Cocoa, our motto is “More Cocoa, No Sugar” and it influences everything we do. We want you to experience the richness of cacao beans and pure cocoa butter in every one of our products. And this includes our vegan M*lk Lollipop.

As a mother loving healthy snacks, I have taken this nostalgic treat and added my own twist. Instead of a high sugar sweet that sends your kid’s blood sugar rocketing, and causes teeth cavities, I have created lollipops using only the best 100% natural ingredients. Our flavourful, 100% ethical, and pure cocoa butter go into each and every smile. Oh, and we never include any artificial ingredients either.

Our recipe which was developed with the knowledge in nutrition and we use coconut milk instead of dairy and pure cocoa butter instead of palm oil. Our sweeteners are a special blend of mainly food fibres that were chosen for their health benefits and their excellent qualities as a sugar alternative. We also use a tiny amount of sucralose (0.09%) to mimic the top notes of sugar.

Personally, I think it’s vastly superior to any other lollipop from our childhoods.

Great for party bags, the kitchen treat box, or as a little extra gift to add to a homemade hamper, our Lollipops are made for happy snacking. Made for children and fun-loving adults alike, chocolate smiles always lead to real smiles — it’s just common sense!

Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free, Artificial Sweeteners Free, Dairy Free, Non GMO, Soy Free, Peanuts Free, Non Alkalised, No Emulsifiers, No Additives. Just superfoods packed 100% organic natural chocolate.


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* 100% recycled and recyclable or compostable packaging. Using no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The table below gives an overview of this item’s suitability for a variety of dietary requirements and preferences. This information is a guide only and we emphasise that all chocolates are made in a kitchen that handles tree nuts, and therefore may contain traces. Always refer to product packaging for full information.
  • DETAILS                                 YES/NO
  • Suitable for vegetarians          YES
  • Suitable for vegans                 YES
  • Contains Tree Nuts                 NO
  • Contains Gluten/Wheat           NO
  • Contains Peanuts                    NO
  • Contains Egg                           NO
  • Contains Milk                           NO
  • Contains Soya                         NO
  • Contains Sulphites                  NO
  • Contains Sesame                    NO
  • Free from alcohol                    YES
  • Free from artificial flavours      YES
  • Free from artificial colours       YES

Ingredients: Pure Cacao Butter, Coconut Milk*, Vanilla Beans (21%), Zusto ( Polydextrose, soluble maize fibres, chicory fibres, sweeteners: Isomalt, Erythritol, Sucralose- less than 1%). *Certified Organic, Cocoa Solids 49% minimum.

Has eating chocolate EVER been so beneficial for your health? Superfood Cocoa chocolate is a health treat for your wellbeing.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Allergen Information: Free from all 14 allergens, May Contain Nuts


Allergy Information: We prepare the product in the kitchen where we work with nuts.


Dietary Information: Suitable for Vegans, Keto; Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Non GMO, Soy Free, Peanuts Free, Non Alkalised, No Emulsifiers, No Additives.

Store cool & dry.

Made in the UK

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